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CNG Vehicles: Beating Out Electric Vehicles

CNG Fueled VehicleNatural gas vehicles have been selected by many consumers over electric ones. And natural gas is the primary choice of many people as an alternative fuel to their vehicles. The demand has been fueled by the drop in prices of natural gas which heavily beats out electric vehicles. These vehicles which run on natural gas have fewer emissions when compared with gasoline powered cars which makes them more environment-friendly. Basically, these vehicles are just like any other vehicles available in the market only that they run using a different fuel. In most cases, they work with the use of a compressed natural gas. These CNG cars have been used by people for the last twenty years and at present time, more and more people, agencies and government are taking advantage of this.



Marine CNG and Coselle System

Callout Home EstimatorCNG or Compressed Natural gas is not new a thing anymore since all natural gas that are shipped by a pipeline are compressed. This is extensively used as fuel for transportation. It has more than 12 million vehicles for CNG  worldwide that are in service. The ship transportation of this gas stored under pressure is called marine CNG. In this case, it is compressed mechanically. CNG does not require complex and expensive refrigerator compared to that of liquefied natural gas (CNG). The transportation of CNG results to having a more significant economic solution that is faster and easier to implement and permit. Other advantages of marine Compressed Natural Gas are the following:

Good economics, safe and reliable.
Small footprint at the both the unloading and loading places.
Can be utilized in a delivery/supply chain with liquid fuels, pipelines and LNG.
Using simple jetty or buoy system, flexible loading and unloading system is provided and cost effective. (more…)