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Ready, Get Set, Gas!


As the market is in combat with the sky rising fuel cost and the environmental pressures to reduce harmful emissions, the demand increases that even smaller markets are looking for CNG Transporting. More an more people have recognized the value of compressed natural gas. They have realized how it is better than any other sources of power and energy.

Different Methods of Transporting Natural Gas

CNG ShippingYou have to keep in mind that natural gas could not be extracted anywhere. Unlike some other common gases, they can just be collected easily. They can be found anywhere.

Where does natural gas come from?

Don’t confuse yourself with the other meanings of the word ‘gas’. When you ran out of fuel in your car, you drive to the nearest gas station and ‘gas’ your car tank. This isn’t the ‘gas’ we are talking about. Instead, this is the type of gas formed with nature. As dead animals, gases, and even dead plants are buried into the ground, the elements by nature combine with it. Moreover, the heat and pressure compressed these fossils turning it into a different unique kind of gas. Gas from nature where it is safe for the environment, not to mention it is economical as well. This gave reasons for most people to prefer this kind of gas over the other.
People can’t just dig into the ground and collect the gas. Certain companies have equipment to extract the gas and transport it to the market in need.


This is one of the most common method of transporting natural gas to the market and meet its needs. Although there are some consumers who prefer to have these natural gas vehicle conversion kits, these pipelines and connected from the source transporting the natural gas to the market. Along the process, these pipes have switches wherewith the pipe would open when the gas is ready to be transported and compressed to push its way to the consumer’s doorstep.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural GasNow, let’s talk about another common, yet effective method to transport the gas. You have to take note that pipelines are not economical when it comes to transporting the gas across the oceans. Which method is better? These gases are converted into liquid, then it is carried through these special ships with tanks. As the natural gas is exposed to high temperature, it would turn into a different state – LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

The Unique Process Flow

To make it simpler, from the source of this natural gas, it would involve two processes: dehydration and compression. As the gas is compressed, turning it into a compressed natural gas, it becomes ready to be on board the special ship with tanks. This LNG has to be pure when it reaches the market. Once it reaches the destination, the gas is then decompressed before it is delivered to the consumers.

There are reasons marine CNG is preferred over the other methods of transporting gas.
1. It is economical.
2. It is safe.
3. It is convenient and easier.


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