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CNG Vehicles: Beating Out Electric Vehicles


CNG Fueled VehicleNatural gas vehicles have been selected by many consumers over electric ones. And natural gas is the primary choice of many people as an alternative fuel to their vehicles. The demand has been fueled by the drop in prices of natural gas which heavily beats out electric vehicles. These vehicles which run on natural gas have fewer emissions when compared with gasoline powered cars which makes them more environment-friendly. Basically, these vehicles are just like any other vehicles available in the market only that they run using a different fuel. In most cases, they work with the use of a compressed natural gas. These CNG cars have been used by people for the last twenty years and at present time, more and more people, agencies and government are taking advantage of this.

Although compressed natural gas (CNG) is flammable, it is safer than other gasolines. Its flammability range is narrow and when accidentally released, it disperses quickly which makes it less likely to ignite compared with gasoline. In addition, CNG is non-toxic, when released it dissipates and does not leak to contaminate water supplies and soil. It is cheaper to operate CNG vehicles than the conventional ones. At the same time, CNG vehicles burn cleaner than the ones which uses gasoline. In fact, it is 90% cleaner than normal vehicles. On an average, CNG cars can double the engine life of a regular vehicle because the natural gas is burned more clean.

Compressed Natural GasCompressed natural gas is manufactured by condensing the natural gas which is largely comprised of methane which is up to 95% while the rest is composed of various gases which includes very little amount of water vapor. Methane is under the group of hydrocarbon which means that the molecules have both hydrogen and carbon atoms. With its molecular structure, an almost complete combustion becomes possible. CNG is beneficial to the environment. This gas is often regarded as green fuel since it does not contain any harmful elements like sulphur and lead. With the use of CNG, harmful emissions in the environment is reduced. This is also free from benzene and lead, which keeps the environment free from these fatal compounds. Another benefit of CNG as a fuel is that it enhances the life of lubricating oils. It prevents dilution and contamination. Further, CNG is a gaseous fuel which can easily and evenly mix in the air.

Due to the high ignition temperature of CNG which is about 540 degree Celsius, even on hot surface the chances for auto ignition is very few- thus becoming a safe choice. In addition to all these benefits, CNG is cost-friendly. The operational expenditure of a vehicle which uses CNG is lower when compared to that of diesel and petrol. Compressed natural gas also has all the characteristics of a good fuel. Buying vehicles which are run on CNG or converting the current vehicle to this one will provide so many benefits to environment and the people by improving the quality of life.

About the Author:

The Author of this blog is a writer of Sea NG Corp. a company that is responsible in transporting CNG by ship. In his entire career in writing, he really appreciates the nature of his work that he learns new things everyday. He became environment conscious and updated to the trends in society. He always stand firm in his principle that he is not a failure until he stops. Jimmie is dedicated and passionate person, he never allows fear and his weaknesses to hinder him to commit success.


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